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About Us

About Us

The Office for Commerce & Investment (OCI) is the nation’s investment and trade promotion agency with the mandate to promote and facilitate exports and investment to boost economic growth, to improve the welfare of the people. It is the first point of contact for investors exploring business opportunities in Marshall Islands, and the agency to go to for export assistance.

OCI也協助投資者成長並實現業務多元化,,en,它與政府機構密切合作,,en,機構和私營部門公司,,en,以促進投資項目和實施,,en,更重要的是,,en,不斷改善投資和商業環境,,en,它有助於識別出口產品,,en,服務並與出口商合作銷售其產品,,en,OCI在政策倡導方面發揮重要作用,不斷提高馬紹爾群島投資和出口增長的競爭力,,en,商務和投資辦公室,,en,OCI具有廣泛的功能,,en,權力,,en,旨在使其成為經濟和社會發展的催化劑,,en,它的主要功能是,,en,制定和實施社會和經濟發展計劃和項目,,en. It works in close collaboration with Government bodies, institutions and private sector companies, to facilitate implementation of investment projects and, more importantly, to continuously improve the investment and business climate.

It helps identify export products & services and works with exporters to market their products.

OCI has an important role of policy advocacy to continuously improve the competitiveness of Marshall Islands for investment and export growth.

Office of Commerce and Investment

OCI has wide-ranging functions & powers, designed to make it a catalyst for economic and social development. Its primary function is to “develop and implement social and economic development programs and projects” 以改善共和國居民的經濟和社會狀況,,en,其職能結合了投資和貿易促進機構的作用,,en,和一家政府投資公司,,,en,鼓勵和發展投資,代表政府經營企業,,en,它有權單獨或與其他政府機構和私營企業一起履行其職能,,en,董事會成員,,en,阿爾弗雷德·阿爾弗雷德部長,,en,JR,,en,主席,,en,部長,,en,資源和發展部長,,en,[R,,en,d,,en,Biodata即將更新,,en,Ramsey Reimers,,en,副主席,,en,Reimers是Robert Reimers Enterprises的董事,,en,一個龐大而多元化的馬紹爾商業企業,,en,包括酒店,,en,餐廳,,en,汽車租賃,,en,航運中介,,en,財產和水裝瓶,,en,他幾乎是總裁兼首席執行官,,en,他被劍橋認可,,en.

Its functions combine the roles of an investment and trade promotion agency, and a government investment corporation i.e. to encourage and develop investments and to operate business enterprises on behalf of government. It is empowered to perform its functions alone or in conjunction with other government agencies and private enterprises.

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