Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

The Division of Energy within the Ministry of Resources and Development is responsible for the National Energy Policy Coordination and some implementation. The Division of Energy comprises of an Energy Office, one support-staff and an Australian Funded Energy Adviser.

The Framework for the National Energy Policy used for developing the national energy policy includes the following follows where improvement is required in order to achieve sustainable energy development.

  • Petroleum and Liquid Fuels
  • Electric Power
  • Transport and Energy Use
  • Energy Efficiency, and
  • Renewable Energy

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The following are investment opportunities:

  • Fishing
  • Cold storage & refrigeration facilities
  • Fish processing & canning
  • Service center, providing vessel & net repair, refueling, wholesale & retail
  • Fishing vessels
  • Fish farming

Marshall Islands is an active member of the:

  • Parties to the Nauru Agreement (PNA);
  • Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency; and
  • Western & Central Pacific Fisheries Commission

Majuro has the necessary infrastructure and facilities for fishing activities, including:

  • A deep-water harbor with container handling facilities,
  • A fish based complex equipped with bulk icing facility,
  • A 10 million liter bulk fuel storage bunker facility,
  • Regular international shipping service, and
  • An international airport with regular direct flights to Guam & Honolulu

Current investors include:

  • Luen Thai Fishing Venture, a subsidiary of Luen Thai International Group of Hong Kong
  • Koo’s Fishing Company of Taiwan
  • Shanghai Deep Sea Fisheries Co Ltd of Shanghai, China parent company on Pan Pacific Foods – exports 2,000 metric tons of semi processed fish per year since 2008
  • Hukilau Foods of Honolulu, a subsidiary of Kauai’s Grove Farm Co.
  • Diamond Head Seafood Company of Hawaii