Modern telecommunication links enables remote islands nations like the Marshall Islands to overcome the tyranny of distance and attract services industries like ship registration. Marshall Islands today has the third largest ship registry in the world, with 3,100 vessels and over 100m gross tons.

It’s one of the world’s premier quality maritime registries that is globally recognized as a modern and efficient administration and is noted for its contributions to the safety and security of shipping and efforts to protect the marine environment. The service is provided by Trust Company of the Marshall Islands (TCMI) established in 1990 by the government jointly with Virginia-based International Registry, Inc.

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The following are investment opportunities:

  • Fishing
  • Cold storage & refrigeration facilities
  • Fish processing & canning
  • Service center, providing vessel & net repair, refueling, wholesale & retail
  • Fishing vessels
  • Fish farming

Marshall Islands is an active member of the:

Majuro has the necessary infrastructure and facilities for fishing activities, including:

  • A deep-water harbor with container handling facilities,
  • A fish based complex equipped with bulk icing facility,
  • A 10 million liter bulk fuel storage bunker facility,
  • Regular international shipping service, and
  • An international airport with regular direct flights to Guam & Honolulu

Current investors include: