Work & Live

The country has flexible labor laws designed to attract needed skills. Consequently, people from many countries now live and work in Marshall Islands, including USA, Philippines, China, Japan, Taiwan, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Fiji and PNG.

Americans can come and live, and work in Marshall Islands with relative ease. Due to special relationship with US under a Compact Agreement, American citizens can enter without visas and work for an unlimited time without permits.

While the standard of living is not high, many foreigners like living in the Marshall Islands because it’s safe, people are very hospitable, English is widely spoken and it has daily flights to the rest world through Hawaii and Guam. It also has a modern telecom system, modern ports, modern apartments and health facilities for routine medical problems.

Business Visa

Investors can apply for business visa to enter the country for the purposes of establishing or seeking to establish a business. And a person can be issued a 3 months visa to do this.

How to apply

Business visas may be obtained by applying in a form issued by the Director of Immigration and sent to Majuro for his approval.